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The Remaining is a post-apocalyptic book series by author D.J. Molles. The series details the travels of Captain Lee Harden while he attempts to enact the final fail-safe plan of the United States government following a horrific outbreak of a bacterium that leaves it's victims as violent, unreasoning shells of their former selves. Unfortunately, the worst enemy may be human nature itself.

What sets this series apart from others in the genre is a new type of "zombie"; the (somewhat) smart zombie. While a major step down from their non-infected capabilities, the infected in Molles books are able to adapt, evolve in a way, to their surroundings. This makes them ever more dangerous. Some develop pack behavior, others linger about in hordes. They learn basic avoidance when facing powerful weaponry and they learn how to hunt together more efficiently.

This is a new kind of zombie which to many seem fresh in these days of zombie fever.

The Genre 'Zombie-Fiction'Edit

This series somewhat falls into the post-apocolyptic zombie genre that has become very popular in the last few years.  Survival horror has become huge industry through multiple channels with elements of viral outbreaks being seen in games such as Resident Evil, and shows such as The Walking Dead.  Fortunately, novels such as World War Z and The Remaining allow for more development of backstory by fleshing out more details allowed by the medium.

Timeline Edit

The first book for The Remaining Series were copyrighted in 2012. We are basing the years for this timeline in 2011.


Organizations Edit

Weapons Edit

Pistols Edit

Mk 23

Glock 17

M9 Beretta Edit

This is the standard issue army pistol that is in service at the time of writing. It fires a 9mm Para in a magazine that holds a variable number of rounds. The standard capacity is 15.

Shotguns Edit

Rifles Edit

M4 Edit

The M4 is the standard issue rifle of the US army, 2nd to the M16A4. The M4 is standard issue and is considered to be a shorter version of the M16A2. Much like the M16A2 variant, it only fired in semi auto and three round burst. The M4A1 is the new variant and is issued mostly to S.F. teams, as it could fire full auto.

Remington 700 Edit

Chambered in many different calibers, and rounds this gun is the bolt action base of many marksman rifles that can be found in police departments to military units world wide. This is one of the few base designs that has more variants than the ar-15.

Other Edit


  • Military
  • Survivors
    • Sam - Sam is a young boy from Apex, NC Harden rescued from marauders who were harassing him and his father. His father died.
    • Angela - Harden rescued her and her daughter Abby from the roof of the house where they went to avoid her husband, Tom, who had been affected by the Fury virus.
    • Abby - Angela's daughter.
    • Jack Burnsides - The old guy that boarded up his house and Lee, Angela, Abby, and Sam stayed with in the beginning.
  • Camp Ryder
    • Bus - Original leader of Camp Ryder.
    • Bill Harper - One of Bus' main guys.
    • Miller - Early 20s. Helped Lee escape attack at the Timer Creek hotel.
    • Doc - The Doctor who later betrayed Lee and killed Josh.
    • Josh - 20 year old kid at Camp Ryder.
    • Keith Jenkins - The survivor who have Lee a Ruger LCP.
    • Jerry - Sleazy political type know it all who thinks he can run Camp Ryder better than Bus. Stages a takeover.
    • Greg
    • Arnie
    • Jenny
    • Caleb
    • Maria - (Julia's sister), also the cook.
    • Father Jim - Lee found him and members of his church camped out near bunker #4 when he arrived for supplies for Camp Ryder, on way to Smithfield.
  • Smithfield
    • Julia - (Maria's sister)
    • LaRouche - Ex Army soldier. Lee's right hand.
    • Jacob - Helped Captain Mitchell until he died. Captain Mitchell made him promise to meet up with Lee to help.
  • The Followers
    • Clyde
    • Deacon Chalmers
  • Enemy
    • Milo Harper - Marauder. Deceased.
    • Shumate - Former sheriff deputy


  • Early Infected
  • Later Infected
    • Hunters
    • Prego
  • Hordes
  • Packs
  • Non-Violent
  • FURY Virus

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