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The Remaining is a post-apocalyptic book series by author D.J. Molles. The series details the travels of Captain Lee Harden while he attempts to enact the final fail-safe plan of the United States government following a horrific outbreak of a bacterium that leaves it's victims as violent, unreasoning shells of their former selves. Unfortunately, the worst enemy may be human nature itself.

What sets this series apart from others in the genre is a new type of "zombie"; the (somewhat) smart zombie. While a major step down from their non-infected capabilities, the infected in Molles books are able to adapt, evolve in a way, to their surroundings. This makes them ever more dangerous. Some develop pack behavior, others linger about in hordes. They learn basic avoidance when facing powerful weaponry and they learn how to hunt together more efficiently.

This is a new kind of zombie which to many seem fresh in these days of zombie fever.

  • For general referencing purposes all references from "The Remaining Series" will be labeled as "(TRS Bk1 Ch1)". "Bk" stands for "Book" with the number being the book of the series and "Ch" stands for "Chapter" with the number corresponding to the chapter. Leave out pages as their will be page differences between hard covers and soft cover issues.
  • The same will extend to all references from the "Lee Harden Series", which will be labeled "(LHS Bk1 Ch1)".

The Genre 'Zombie-Fiction'

This series somewhat falls into the post-apocolyptic zombie genre that has become very popular in the last few years.  Survival horror has become huge industry through multiple channels with elements of viral outbreaks being seen in games such as Resident Evil, and shows such as The Walking Dead.  Fortunately, novels such as World War Z and The Remaining allow for more development of backstory by fleshing out more details allowed by the medium.


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